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Problems launching GUI on Alienware 17R3

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Hi everyone,

I can't seem to launch the install GUI for Mojave on bootup (using laptop config2.plist) as it panics every time in the same place. I do not have this problem with your High Sierra 10.13.6 image that I downloaded last week, the GUI launches fine using the config2.plist file that is embedded with it. I even tried copying the config2 file from HS image onto the Mojave 10.14.6 image as config3.plist with no luck and the same panic error - then the machine automatically reboots.

Any clues? Thanks in advance.....


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use it

			<key># DVMT-prealloc</key>
			<string>32MB BIOS, 19MB framebuffer, 9MB cursor bytes (credit RehabMan)</string>
			<key>## @0 LVDS->DP</key>
			<key>## @1 HDMI</key>
			<key>## @2 HDMI</key>
			<key>## @3 HDMI</key>
			<key>## patch0</key>
			<string>Enable lid wake for 0x19260002 credit syscl/lighting/Yating Zhou</string>
			<key>## patch1</key>
			<string>Enable lid wake for 0x19260004 credit syscl/lighting/Yating Zhou</string>

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Will do....in about 7 more hours, at work now. One thing/update I did try on this earlier this morning (resulting in same failure, sigh) was to include in boot-line "-disablegfxfirmware" because some google searching said this worked for some people. Nope!

*Another note though, when I do post it, it will be pretty much 'Olarila base' with the exception of the additional 'config3.plist' (existing config2 with your added patch code from above) because this is the original USB drive installation image from Olarila's 10.14.6 image that was posted a couple of days ago on here. Nothing else has changed because I'm just trying to get the install GUI to launch to format my blank/new M2 sata gum-stick drive and move on of course.

Will post EFI later though, promise, thanks :-)

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