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macOS Mojave 10.14.6 - Out!

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[ref]R-88[/ref], what kp u have? post one photo


if you want I can make a video, because in verbose it loads very fast and does not stop but restarts.

I suspect it depends on the video card (Sapphire RX480 +).

Is there a way to disable graphics acceleration on AMD from the Clover boot interface?

I dont have integrated video card

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I was able to update from 10.14.4 to .5 but when i try to update to .6 it seems to fail and does not apply the update during next boot. Does anyone else experience this?


Well I tried 10.14.1 to .6 (ComboUpdate) and it fails to update. Seems to load then gets about 1/3 through and reboots. Are we supposed to boot anything other than the default "macOS Install Preboot" in Clover ?

EDIT: Don't interrupt the automatic boot process. It appears it will boot several different volumes and if you interrupt it the install won't complete.

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