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Hi again MaLd0n,

I tried the USB 2.0 ports and got black screen instead the forbidden one.

Then I did disable all this options (everythink was Enable, except Marvel):

<IMGUR id="c1pC62I"><a href=https://i.imgur.com/c1pC62I.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'>

I don't know what options worked out, but I manage to boot the Mojave image.

But then I got this message:

<IMGUR id="rolbTb4"><a href=https://i.imgur.com/rolbTb4.jpg' alt='IMGUR>'>

There is any way to bypass this?

Sorry for all the trouble.

Added in 13 minutes 20 seconds:

I changed to iMac 18,2 and WORKED!

Muito obrigado pela ajuda!


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Hi MaLd0n, me again.

I manage to install everything, smbios 13,2, but...

When I installed clover via UEFI, Clover won't show up.

When I installed clover via Legacy, Clover boots, but when all the steps finish and should get to the system I get a black screen.

When boot with the Olarila Mojave Pen Drive, the system works fine.

Any tips?


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Didn't work, but in reverse, I used your EFI folder for sandybridge in the PENDRIVE clover folder, and the system is perfect.

I don't know what is causing this, but one possible solution is leave a slave pendrive forever booting the system.


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