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Hackintosh Guide - Catalina / Big Sur on Mobos Series 100, 200, 300, 400 and 500 with OpenCore Bootloader

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Fixed it. Need to set XHCI handoff enabled in BIOS.

Buenos días Cuando el ordenador entra en reposo y quiero activarlo tocando el mouse o el teclado se reinicia. Probé muchas cosas, como darkwake, y nada funciona. Alguna solución? Saludos y g

same folder serie 100/200/300

I mean, I successfully used OpenCORE to boot Mac OS 15.2


Oh! haha, sorry, I am a noob so I am not so familiar with the abbreviations. :)

I have no idea what OpenCore is, not sure if it is in my hackintosh too. All I did was install the image, have some stuff in the EFI and patched DSDT from Mald0n.

I'd be interested to know about OpenCore stuff.

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[ref]236560739[/ref], DSDT.aml.zip

Added in 48 seconds:

[ref]enraenra[/ref], install system first, after it i'll patch for u


Hi Maldon, thanks for your reply.

I am struggling getting the system installed in the first place, hence I was asking for ACPI patches.

Which guide do you recommend me to follow, I really tried many so far, Clover, OpenCore with no luck.

I am trying to get 10.15.2 so to have my card fully supported but seems like Clover doesn't support yet last update and OpenCore (which supports 10.15.2) requires too much tweaking with the ACPI and doesn't matter how many times I go through the guides can't make it right.

Can you point me in the right direction?

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Attached are my files, entirely new to Opencore couldnt boot with my own OC build but found an efi folder posted on the forum which got me up adn running (I know not recommended to do that but wanted it up and running). I added my OC folder to the zip (which Im using from USB) as the OC folder didnt seem to be there. Ive updated kexts but when I update OC version I have boot failures. Running usb wifi as onboard intel wifi wont work and onboard ethernet doesnt seem to work with installed kexts. A patched DSDT would be awsome and any other tips.



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Hi MaLd0n,

I have Gigabyte Z370 HD3 board and Clover bootloader and your DSDT.

Do you think that it would be better to go with OC.

In that case I can replace my EFI folder with OC EFI folder for 300 chipset and send you sendme file.

Best regards,


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HI I used your EFI folder to boot my machine and is successfully booted. I wasnt able to boot since from 5.3 OC. now it is booting fine thank you. but I have one problem though as my machine isn't shutting down but restarting. any help will be appreciated.

Thank you

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