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HP Pavillion 15 DSDT Patch

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Hello Maldon. You have patched the DSDT for my HP Pavillion, with a i7 5500U and a INtel 5500HD, a Nvidia which is already disabled in config.plist

The brightness and the battery already works great, but I haven't managed to get the sleep working. I mean, the laptop goes to sleep, but it wakes up straight after.

And sound, which is a ALC 290. It is working now with VooDoo HDA, but it's not that great .. Can you help me figure out the rest?

I have attached the RUn.Me file.

Thanks a lot guys.

Send me MacBook-Pro-de-noi.zip

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Hello Maldon, thanks for the patch on the sleep, once again. But I have two problems:

I have a DW1550 applied on the laptop, and it works, but the problem is that it doesn't detect any device, even though I tried with WiFi switched off, so it wound't interfere, but still, no luck. On IOReg it shows false for "Built-In" ...

I am using the USB-Inject All kext to have the BT operable, but it doesn't help much...

Once thing is curious: the Airdrop works, because I can connect from another laptop with a DW1560..

Besides that, the audio from the HDMI doesn't work. What can be done in here?

The specs of the machine: i7-5500U and a Intel 5500HD, with the Nvidia Card disabled in config.plist. > By the way, can we disable this one using the DSDT??

I have attached the Clover folder of the laptop with your DSDT and also with the IOReg.

Thank ou for your attention and patience :D


MacBook Pro de noi.zip

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