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Acer e5-574g-75me não instala

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Olá a todos eu venho tentando instalar o mojave no meu notebook, já possuo o mojave no desktop também com core i7 da 6ª geração e não estou conseguindo já tentei de tudo, até pedir um especialista no bios mod . com para desbloquear o menu avançado na bios deste modelo muito completa agora mas não tenho a configuração a tela não passa de alguns caracteres como na imagem nem chamo isso de kernel panic. to desconfiado do ssd pny de 960gb Aqui existe uma pessoa que já conseguiu ( asurarox01 fórum em inglês) alguém poderia me ajudar?

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Acer -e5-574g-75me , core i7 6500u, nvidia 940m, intel graphics 520 8gb ram model smart ddr3lin 1 slot ... the problem I tried to post the image is black screen at the beginning after the boot start installation with the clover at "end randomseed '

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Yes I deactivated the discrete video even in the clover configuration. In other forums there are reports on this problem, in most cases related to memories in slots "A1 + A2" in the desktop being resolved by changing to "B1 + B2", drivers like osxAptioFix and aptiomemoryfix, but in my notebook there are only 2 slots I thought even in buying 2 memories to test in the other dual channel slot. I asked for a bios mod expert to unlock the bios of this model which is protected, and now it has the advanced menu and power menu

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In this post he has the same model and was able to install the high sierra, I would like to have a contact with them for some idea : https://Olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=46&t=8169

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