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Noob question.

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Hi guys,

I've installed Lion 10.7.2 on my ASUS. It runs and works ok. But there is one thing that really bother me that is the boot time, it's very slow (about 2 or 3 minutes), and sometime, the shutdown process also takes a lot of time.

I installed Lion (use unishit), and install EasyBeast of (multishit 4.1.0) + PS2Controller + VoodooHDA.

- Lion boot,but mousepad didn't work. I had to use old version of PS2Controller (take from multishit 3.x).

- Battery didn't show, hence I had to use "AppleACPIPlatform.kext" of 10.6.8 to fix. This also fixes my screen brightness keys.

- And installed some extra kext for network + boot from HDD (IOATAFamily.kext).

That's it, I've just come to Mac for 3 months.

Following is part of my "kernels.log".

Here my question: How can I possibly fix this (Slow boot and slow shutdown)???

Btw, I really dont understand what is the good way to h4ck MAC??? Does somebody please show me what are the difference between h4ck by using multishit (simple way) and using DSDT. I don't know which way will make my lap work perfectly.

My laptop:

- ASUS - UL30VT.

- CPU: Core 2 Duo UL7300.

- VGA: G210M + an onboard Intel card. ==> this is the reason I has to fix HDD boot.

- Audio: ACL269. (work, but not perfectly) ==> if you can, please help me config it correctly.

Sorry for a long and noob post, but i searches long time and try to fix almost everything by myself, and these are some issues that i cant fix. It's really hard for me, because there no one around here has a Mac.

Thanks so much for reading this!




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