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Can't reach installer - i7 (1st gen) - Dx58SO - Rx 460

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First try at installing. Updated bios successfully.

Disconnected all hd's except one I want to install to (ssd)

Initially boots into clover but while trying to launch installer after much text output goes into black screen (seems like it tries to switch gfx mode/quick blink)

Not sure there is any substantial log at this stage.

Thanks for help.

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Mald0n, thanks for the quick reply.

It's an old'ish box that's still working fine (if noisy and hot) -

The cpu is a bit odd. Probably a prototype/pre-release. It shows up as Geniune Intel¬ģ 000 @ 2.67Ghz 2.66 Ghz (Was told it's an i7 when I received it. Must be a 1st/2nd gen - not sure how to check exact details). 12gb DDR3 (If I remember correctly).Radeon RX 460 Graphics. I think it's the 8gb variety. This from Dxdiag on win10:

Display Memory: 5700 MB

Dedicated Memory: 4041 MB

Shared Memory: 1658 MB

I'm hoping to use a Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 USB audio device.

Will be installing on a crucial BX 240Gb Sata II/III ssd.

Is that good? ty :-)

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The cpu may be an engineering sample of an i7-920 or an i7-860

Let me know if I can run anything to better the identification.

Would it make it easier if I installed an older OSX version? would that make sense?

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Thanks for your patience. I assume you mean for me to replace the Clover folder in Volume EFI/EFI etc. But I haven't reached that stage.

I can boot from usb - get to clover - ask to install from usb - much text is output and at some point screen is black/blank.

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