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"Mac OS cannot be installed on this computer" Issue

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Trying to install Mojave with the new 10.4.4 image using etcher on windows 10.

Booted into install after an issue of unplugging and replugging in my HDMI to get some display after verbose. (annoying, but whatever)

Tried to install but get this message every time after 2 minutes into the process. Tried to erase and re-partition as APFS/GUI partition table, by the 3rd time diskutil always errors and I cant even erase the drive.

So I tried to reinstall on my old high sierra drive (that I haven't used in over a year because I gave up on troubleshooting recent hackintosh/mac alltogether.....but here I am again), and same issue. Going to erase the drive and try again, but I have a feeling it'll do the same thing.

i5 9600K cpu on a gigabyte z390 UD mobo

Sapphire RX 580

PNY 240gb ssd ...... and another 960gb ssd (forgot who makes it, does it really matter?)

Please help. Do I need to add/delete some stuff that comes with the Olarila image? What are possible reasons this is happening?


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Fixed it. I did several things but I'm thinking it was because of using etcher on the windows side. I used win32diskimager instead and did the trick.

I am now booted into an installed Mojave. Now to install clover and do the fine tuning.

Disregard this post, unless it helps you.

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