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[Guide] Easy Audio Solution with AppleAlc / Clover and OpenCore

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1-Use AppleAlc.kext and Lilu.kext in Clover/kexts/other(preferred) or Library/Extensions

Download AppleAlc


Download Lilu


2-You need check what your audio codec

Download DPCI Manager


4-Check what layout-ids you can use for your audio codec(in my case is ALC892)

5-Open Clover Configurator, Devices tab and Inject layout, save, reboot and test



Boa tarde MaLd0n, tudo bem?

Segui seus passos deste e de um outro post, porém o headset ficou com o audio distorcido, e só funcionou quando utilizei o hda-verb que vem junto com o CodecCommander e executei os seguintes comandos:

hda-verb 0x19 SET_PIN_WIDGET_CONTROL 0x25
hda-verb 0x21 SET_UNSOLICITED_ENABLE 0x83

Fonte: https://www.elitemacx86.com/threads/fix-audio-distortion-when-using-headphones-on-laptops.185/

Existe alguma forma de eu fazer isso sem ter que executar os comandos, mesmo que automaticamente, toda vez que eu iniciar o PC? Pela DSDT, talvez. É meu primeiro hackintosh, então estou um pouco perdido ainda.

Meu codec de audio é o ALC230. Estou rodando o Mojave em um Lenovo Ideapad 330-15IKB.

Send me: http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=66853889449517361487

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Perfect, 100% functional to enable audio on a Lenovo E430 with Conexant CX20590 on Mojave.

hdas to hdef is skylake+, u dont need it u can try catalina. i never use lga775 or 1366 in cata

veja o tutorial do rehabman sobre isso, vc pode criar uma ssdt pra isso


Me desculpe, mas não estou encontrando :/ Consegue me enviar um link?

Ah, uma coisa que também está acontecendo é que quando o notebook não está conectado na fonte, o touchpad dá umas saltadas, como se travasse por bem pouco tempo depois avançasse tudo de uma vez. Consegue me indicar um caminho pra resolver isso? Agradeço demais!

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audio is just layout id, if don't work u can edit/create applealc layout for ur case, check github for it

about usb, use it


remove usbinjectall.kext


Thank you MaLd0n my hackintosh now runs butterysmooth! So good.

I also found out why the sound never worked voodohda, applealc, applehda nothing. After 3 long days I found it is "Above 4G Decoding" it should be set to disabled otherwise computer will behave odd in some situation like with the HDEF.

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hi I tried this but it didn't work for some reason, I installed apple alc,lilu and codec commander for notebook. I used 28 for layout as my codec is cs4213

I'm on chipset 7 notebook. please ask if anymore info is needed. thanks in advance

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2 hours ago, Lukas330 said:

hi I tried this but it didn't work for some reason, I installed apple alc,lilu and codec commander for notebook. I used 28 for layout as my codec is cs4213

try with AppleHDAPatcher

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Does anyone here know how to customize AppleALC based on Toledo's instructions (https://github.com/toleda/audio_ALC_guides/blob/master/Customization.pdf) ?

I casn get my PCI SPDIF to work using above instruction under ALC887 - layout ID 99 but then I would lose the other outdio jacks output (My motherboard has those orange, blue, pink, gray, orange & block) 3.5 mm outputs.

Basically I need to do No.7 of the above instruction using based on layout 7 or 1.


Can anyone provide a step by step guide?




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Managed to have a look at those entries that work and those that don't for me.


A few questions:


1) PinConfigurator can IMPORT pinconfigs.kext and IORegistry. Both look identical. After editing pinconfigs.kext, I can save it. But there is no Export option for IORegistry. I presume both have to edited to be identical before compiling? There is an export option for HDACodec.txt


2) Is it OK to edit and use a preexisting layout or do I need to create a new layout? I'm not sure I qualify to upload this to GitHub. Just for own testing only.

3) The compile failed after editing pinconfig.kext

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On 4/18/2019 at 2:01 PM, MaLd0n said:

1-Use AppleAlc.kext and Lilu.kext in Clover/kexts/other

So I just download the above kexts and copy/past them them into the EFI/EFI/Clover/kexts/other folder? And I do not have to worry about:

"Important Note: Lilu plug-in's are generally fully self contained solutions and will (in most cases) replace all legacy Clover patches and Injection/Enabler kext's for a plug-in's given purpose, as such you should remove any existing Clover settings, FakeID's, patches ..etc and any alternate kext's that have been already installed for a plug-in's purpose ... for example when installing AppleALC you should remove (or disable) all Clover AppleHDA patches and uninstall any HDA Enabler, patching or dummy kext's. Failure to remove associated patches and kext's can result in unpredictable and often unstable results."

I got no backup. just asking


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On 7/28/2020 at 9:52 AM, comcomson said:

Hello.. My ALC295 has volume slider workin but no sound

try other layout

59 minutes ago, drmrsolds said:

Will this work in chameleon on yosemite? My machine will nor use clover on internal drive.

i never use it in yosemite, need check in github if have support

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9 hours ago, 胡哥 said:

It says No audio codec detected!!no audio codecs found!
Be sure to have AppleHDA or VoodooHDA somewere!

install lilu and applealc, inject alcid=3 and start follow tutorial

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Anyone has been successful with AD2000b and Olarila Vanilla Mojave with Lilu and AppleLC ?

Video card + Network card + Skullcandy USB headset are working fine but I can't seem to get my P6T Deluxe v2 soundboard to be detected either with layout ID 5 or 7 in Clover even with MaLd0n's patched DSDT file (obrigado).

Is it normal that hackintool shows 99 as a layout ID?


(blue flagged files are to allow my RAID drives to be detected, grey to make my integrated Yukon Ethernet work).

free picture hosting


Edited by mozbius
Detailed pictures of Clover Configurator
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