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Olarila HackBeast Z390 M Gaming - Full DSDT patches

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[ref]erroruser [/ref],

Buenos días desde España,

Tengo su misma placa base Asus Prime Z390-a, i59600K, Msi 1070 ti. Quiero instalar High Sierra y siempre, también con Mojave, obtengo el mismo error. Se apagan las luces del teclado y ratón, y los usb dejan de funcionar. Estoy desesperado. Cambio a placa Gigabyte Z390 Aourus Pro ?

Gracias por su ayuda. Adjunto fichero jpeg con error.



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Nice, thanks.

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[ref]mariolanestaley[/ref], all mobos work

hmmm, btw i successfully installed macOS Catalina use your image installer on my Gigabyte Z390M but after system reboot with verbose mode and not showing up apple logo (always reboot). Can you share EFI and DSDT patch folder for my specification :

Motherboard : Gigabyte Z390 M (not gaming edition)

Graphic card : Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 8GB

Thank you and Godbless dude!


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Hi Mald0n, I just saw the Bios Beta V F9g is out .....

Enhance RAID AIC compatibility

Fix CPU Vcore and power behavior

Workaround beta BIOS to improve Kingston DDR4-2666 stability concern on some specific memory chip suppliers

I wanted to know if you could put your hand in it just like you .......

I have also always noticed that my Hack to operational problems when I go to use the integrated GPU, is NOT stable, I attribute this to NVRAM still problematic despite your interventions .....

I noticed that this occurs from 10.15 official release, with 10.14 for example I could use the 2 active GPUs without any problem, which is NOT possible since 10.15 ......

Can you cure this ?????

Using the old drivers emuvariabile + osxfree2000 + RCscript I can still activate the 2 GPUs without problems ...........

Can you give me explanations ???

I attach ACPI file and thank you for your contribution in the Hack world your way of treating DSDT is truly spectacular

origin F9g .zip

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