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Olarila HackBeast Z390 M Gaming - Full DSDT patches

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Nice, thanks.

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[ref]ronny973[/ref], yes, just avoid processor with F, processors without igpu intel quick sync don't work, not good

Ok, thanks for getting back to me so soon. Im just waiting on my wifi card thats coming tomorrow and then ill start this Hackintosh build. Im a noob so i expect to be very frustrated during this process. Question, the first thing after the build i do is update my bios on motherboard? Ill send you a donation maLd0n once my tosh is up and running. Heres a link to all the items ill be using in my build, if anything is no good then let me know. Wish me luck guys! IMG-1747.jpg Edited by Guest
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I was successful in my Hackintosh build, all my ports are working fine, my wifi worked immediately but my not my bluetooth at first but after a restart it started working, i used a wifi/bluetooth in one card that i got off ebay. I sent you a donation MaLdon, I appreciate this whole post!! You guys are great! Everything seems to work fine, the only issue i can see so far is my computer does not sleep. Screensaver, and display off works but if it has to sleep, the computer restarts.....can anyone help? Im not 100% sure what the DSDT is but if u can send it to me Mal i'd appreciate it.

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