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Olarila HackBeast Z390 M Gaming - Full DSDT patches

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Nice, thanks.

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Currently, I have a strange behaviour with my z390 m gaming (F7) build.

This just happened suddenly after tinkering with my clover config.

Right after shutdown or sometimes after a crash after a long sleep, I get a "couldn't allocate runtime area" error that doesn't go away unless I re-flash the bios. Then I can boot again (usually only one time and then the same error shows up again).

I also checked memmap and I should have enough available space at 0x0000000000100000.

Anyone has an idea what the issue could be?

At the moment I use the 300 series clover config from your site here, but without a custom sdst or ssdt.

Thanks in advance for any tips..

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Hi MaLd0n, after another BIOS flash :roll: boot-up looks good. Didn't spot any ACPI errors :D

The only thing is, with your EFI my Broadcom BCM94360CD PCIe Adapter doesn't work anymore.

Is this something that needs to be added back the ssdt?

Note to myself, I really need to check out how dsdt/ssdt's work :geek:

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thanks for the tip, but you already included AirportBrcmFixup.kext in your EFI.zip.

I have added this kext but still the Broadcom card doesn't work with it.

Btw, if I boot without your DSDT then the card works natively.

Another strange thing is, that I still need to re-flash the BIOS (or clear the CMOS) after almost every shutdown or I still get the "couldn't allocate runtime area" error.

But I assume that are two different, unrelated issues.

Have you ever had this problem as well?

But hey, thanks alot so for for helping me out. Its really appreciated!

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Looks like to following change made Bluetooth work again. Was probably just a typo ;)


--- a/patched MaLd0n for me/SSDT-6-A M I.dsl
+++ b/patched MaLd0n for me/SSDT-6-A M I.dsl
@@ -1448,7 +1448,7 @@ DefinitionBlock ("", "SSDT", 2, "ALASKA", "A M I", 0x00000000)
                    If (LEqual (And (UMAP, 0x0200), 0x0200))
-                        Return (MALD (Zero))
+                        Return (MALD (One))


Added in 5 minutes 49 seconds:

[ref]locus[/ref], if u update bios need edited again


Yes, I have read that in one of your previous posts.

I am on the latest version F7 all the time. I don't plan to upgrade it anymore, unless there is an important reason for it.

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Hi MaLd0n

I know why now, I normally stick my card in the pci 1 slot. However, I swapped it to the pci 2 slot since my new rx580 card is quite big and the fan hit my wifi card, so I had to move it to the pci 2 slot . Switching it back to the 1st slot solves the problem but then it also means I have to remove my wifi card

How do I modify the dsdt, ssdt you sent me so it works with pci slot 2?


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