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Maybe my Clover setup needs tweaking for Mojave?

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Over the past few weeks, I've managed to assemble a fairly-functional Hackintosh. With some help from this site specifically, I even ended up with HighSierra behaving properly for shutdown/restart! The only remaining gremlins were a WiFi glitch (sees networks; can't actually connect) and the Thunderbolt expansion card debacle.

Here's the hardware info:

  • Asus Prime Z390-A

  • Intel i7-8700k

  • Radeon RX 580 8 GB

  • 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4

  • Broadcom BCM94360CD BT/WiFi on PCIe adapter

  • Asus Thunderbolt 3 expansion card

  • 3 SSDs at 1 TB each: 1 currently with HighSierra, 1 currently with Mojave, & 1 with a small Windows partition (unactivated) & also an exFAT data partition in case I decide to activate Windows (seems unlikely)


Oh, and a spiffy Corsair mechanical keyboard. When I installed drivers for it (GitHub project - not actual Corsair drivers), all sorts of headaches were spawned. So I removed the drivers, and was considering nuking that drive when I instead updated my HighSierra installation thumb drive and installed a second HighSierra drive. That install went *almost perfectly* (still the WiFi glitch). That's the drive from which I'm writing this post, by the way, because...

...the original HighSierra drive was wanting to be upgraded to Mojave. I thought, "Why not see what happens? This should be fun." I told it to install Mojave. It did. Perfectly and with no errors. And installing Mojave solved the WiFi glitch! Sweet! I noticed that Mojave wants to point /Documents to iCloud. Brilliant! Love it! Let's put all the things on iCloud! So I connect to my MacBook and start trying to pull things over... and get errors. Weird ones. My MacBook is old (late-2011 17" MacBook Pro with 16 GB RAM & 1 TB SSD), but has always been rock-solid reliable (except when the video chip failure hit it; that was covered by Apple). But suddenly the MacBook is being squirrelly and I want to get the data off of it. No big deal - I have a USB Time Machine backup as well.

So Mojave won't recognize the existence of internal SATA drives connected by a USB/SATA adapter. I have tried with 3 different drives (the Time Machine drive is spinny, but the others are SSDs) and 2 different USB/SATA adapters. No go. Mojave will recognize thumb drives without a hitch, though. Oh, and ejecting drives is... not always successful. So somethings not right in Mojave. But most things are.

Since I want continuity of data, and since I have this HighSierra partition, I booted into this and attached the Time Machine USB drive and POOF! I have access to my backups. Brilliant! I have just copied the things that are important onto the exFAT partition so that I can do what I will with them from there (not to iCloud yet because I haven't put my AppleID into this install).

ANYHOW, It seems like I may need some different kexts for Mojave? I'm truly not sure. The recognizing USB/SATA drives thing is annoying and I definitely want to be able to do that. I love pulling hard drives and hooking 'em up USB to do quick tweaks. Also the drive eject command not working right is a sign of a problem.

Other than that, any guidance on the Thunderbolt card would be appreciated, but at this point I'm leaning towards taking it to a gun range and using it as target practice (and also selling my Thunderbolt Display and buying a new 4k monitor)...

I have attached the CLOVER folder from the EFI partition on my Mojave drive. It is the same as on this HighSierra drive. Maybe it shouldn't be completely the same?


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WiFi works in Mojave. Upgrading to Mojave totally fixed that. The Mojave headache is recognizing USB drives (like a SATA SSD connected by USB) and ejecting any drives. So I have no problem getting USB thumb drives recognized, but ejecting doesn't happen.

But I will throw that into the 10.13 Clover kext folder and see what happens. After my current project (cloning the Mojave drive to a spare SSD) finishes.

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