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Asus Thunderbolt 3 Expansion Card: The Final Frontier

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  • Asus Prime Z390-A (BIOS is up-to-date)

  • Intel i7-8700k

  • 32 GB 2400 MHz DDR4

  • Radeon RX 580 8192 MB

  • Crucial 1 TB SSD (Mojave drive - there are others)


And I have the Asus Thunderbolt 3 expansion card. It's the only thing not working.

I do have a Windows drive, and I have attempted to install the Thunderbolt card through Windows without success.

  • I know the identity of its PCIe slot in which it is located.

  • I have enabled Thunderbolt in the BIOS.

  • I have connected the Thunderbolt card to the Thunderbolt header on the motherboard.

  • Windows Device Manager does not appear to detect the card to allow driver installation.


Any suggestions are welcome. My goal is to use the Thunderbolt card to connect my Apple Thunderbolt Display to the system. If this endeavor fails, I will just use the failure as an excuse for a spiffy new 4k monitor and either keep the Thunderbolt Display with my MacBook Pro or sell it to MacOfAllTrades.

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