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Hackintosh Guide - Install MacOS with Vanilla Olarila Image, Step by Step, Install and Post Install, Windows, Linux or Mac

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I think it's important to say USB 2 only on installer. Because on my ASUS UX410 Laptop impossible to finish the install without this information 😉

yes. inside efi partition use smbios iMac13,2

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Hello, i`m trying to install Mojave on my Samsung laptop, but i`m getting stuck at this part, when attempting to install the OS: slwRGxX.png

ACPI Error: Method parse/execution failed

Any idea to what might be the problem? I did chose config2 in the options.

Here are my laptop specs:


Edit: when attempting to install the catalina image, the installation gets stuck at this:


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[ref]tominhthanh2308[/ref], use boot key for load usb stick with apfs/hfs drivers

Added in 46 seconds:

[ref]underdrive[/ref], i edited ur files, is same files, don't need edit again, just update clover and kexts

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So I did a fresh install of Catalina with your image... at first I couldn't install because no SMBIOS was set at all (empty/blank) - Set to iMac 13,2 and I was able to continue the installation.

After this I followed the instructions on the first page, Clover 2.5 r5096 warns that it is not compatible with this OS version, and then fails to install at all.

I don't know what to do now. I haven't deviated at all from your instructions except change/edit config.plist fir SMBIOS setting.

Any ideas?

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Hi, thanks for your quick reply but I believe the issue was a mistake of my own when I formatted/partitioned the drive on the previous installation. I reinstalled (and erased the disk again) and now Clover installation is ok. Also I did run the scripts just as you advised in your main post.

I am following the steps now to install the EFI folder and the files you made for me. I will report back soon.

Thank you again. 8-)

EDIT: Spoke too soon.

I was able to install Clover the first time, then I copied your EFI folder and now I cannot install it again over it as you suggest - it fails at the same point as before. I will copy the files manually as I am booting UEFI only.

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Problemas ao tentar instalar no Sony VPC-EH30EB está dando o erro "ehci controller unable to take control from bios"

Alguém já conseguiu instalar num desses? Gostaria de um auxilio para poder instalar nesta máquina. Estou tentando o El Capitan.

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Na instalação do Catalina em um Dell Inspirion altero o config para config2 e começo a instalação só que só aparece uma pequena barra cinza e fica nisso por uns 10-15 minutos até o note reiniciar, não mostra nenhuma mensagem nem nada, tem algo que possa fazer para mostrar logs ou algo do tipo ?

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noiiz, não precisa do config2, use o default


Mesmo com o config default fica da mesma forma, apenas uma "barrinha" cinza e depois de 15 minutos +o- a tela a barrinha some e o note reinicia:

Já usei o Olarila Catalina.raw e o Olarila Catalina Intel.AMD.raw , com o mesmo resultado nos 2

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