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How to Stay within 15 ports limit using UsbInjectall and Clover boot argument

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Sorry Guys I'm very newbie and this method not work for me, surely I wrong something:

downloaded the InjectUSB files from your link

downloaded notsupported from here: https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-USB-Inject-All/tree/master/XHCI-unsupported.kext (hope I can link that link sorry if not) (cause I have a z390 MB)

copy on EFI/EFI/Clover/Kexts/Other


I can't download loreg cause isn't still available

is that right?

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Hi guys,

I followed the guide, but it does not work for me, the kind @Mald0n created me a ssdt, thanks again!

I use this in boot arg.


but it still does not work even with uia_exclude etc. etc.

any solution is welcome, thank you very much :bye

Added in 55 minutes 55 seconds:

Miracle of miracles ....

it's not what I wanted but it's okay anyway



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Hi onemanosx, I go through your tutorial, and it's working perfectly! I only mention for other user that ... on your youtube tutorial when you exclude USBports, in the text below you use "space" after "=" uia_exclude= HS01

When you type this with "space" in IORegistry it doesn't work ... so beware of "space" :whistle

Of course you type this in program correctly, but I first look at the text below.

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[ref]denisgrusz[/ref], did you also read the guide :whistle


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good! I supposed that..when use uia_include=XX I have to include also the two HUB2.0 that I see on IOREG and that are connected to motherboard directly (powersupply usb control and ARGB usb control)?

And why -uia_exclude have dash in front and uia_include not?

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And why -uia_exclude have dash in front and uia_include not?

Chck out Rehabman's link in post #1

As long as your resulted final ports is equal or less than 15 ports you may include whatever ports you may wish as detected during your troubleshooting procedure.

You have only a choice of 15 ports in total. Choose wisely.


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When I run Blackmagic speed test, the USB 3.0 ports with my Kingston DT50 write speeds is lower (around 5mb/s) than the USB stick in USB 2.0 ports (around 6mb/s). The read speed is better in USB 3.0.

I've tested in Intel and Renesas ports.

There's a way to get better or my flashdrive is garbage itself? :lol:




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