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DSDT LGA775 (Asrock G41M-VS3 R2.0)

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Hey Guys,

good job whit the Tutorial for LGA 775.

It worked pretty Good.

I got some Problems now, Sleep, Awake, Shutdown all is Working only my Performance in Games is a bit low

I saw that some games only using 3 Cores form my Cpu.

Maybe you can fix it and build me a good DSDT ?

Ps. Is it normal that Webdriver not work whit gtx 285 I only get a black screen :(

Send me localhost.zip


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Thanks pretty good DSDT all Performance Problems in Games are Gone.

But I got one Problem when I play ETS2 after 30 mins I get little Sound Lags than the Game gets unplayable.

Only PC restart helps and I can play again 30 Minutes the UI don't lag when I quit it

I already tried to disable AppleIntelPM Patch but don't work.

Should I try delete maybe the VoodooHDA I read that the Driver make some problems.

PS: My Temps are OK,too.

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I already try Kernel PM or XCPM (I chose the second one because my System running faster whit it).

Forgot to write above NullCPUPM I tried too it nothing helps.

What can I do whit AGPM ? Sorry im a Hackintosh Newbie.

From Google I know that this is AppleGraphicsPowerManagement but what can I do whit that ?

Web Drivers not work but my GPU is listed in Nvidia :cry:

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Big Thanks for your Help,

I done that and receive a huge Performance Boost from my GPU.

In Games the FPS is going up, but I still got the same problem.

I run now Geekbench and saw that my Core2Quad are a bit slow compare to other.

Single-Core 1800, Multi-Core 5200

I tryied to Bench whit NullCPUPower but the same.

I Have in Clover "Generate P-C States" and Drop OEM active should I deactivate this ?

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Sorry for the Double Post i was only from my Cell Phone and I can't press the edit button :shock:

I Modded my FakeSMC put the iMac 10,1 Keys and sac-mcp and the CPU I nearly "exploding" now I got on Geekbench 6100 MultiCore Points thats very Nice.

In the Game i can chose the same settings now as in Windows and it ran pretty Smooth but the Lag is still there.

I drive in the Game where nothing happens and the Sound is getting strange and it lags but now I can go to desktop and the lags are stoping for a little while.

I find out when I disable my USB Headset or my USB Speakers than the Lags are gone. So are my USB Audio Devices not using my Onboard Audio Card ? :cry: I try AppleALC and the System performance go down again. When I Chose VoodooHD or Vanilla AppleHDA I got proper Sound but after a Time these lags. In BIOS I deactivated C-States and Energy Save Options too.

Or is my Power Supply nearly Death ? Im using a Hiper 770W but on HW Monitor is all okey from Voltage.

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Sorry for the Double Post again, but I can't go to my Pc now.

I found out that this have to be a Problem whit the Graphic Card, when I try to install this game in Wine and use Direct3D these lags are gone but under wine my g29 works pretty crap.

My Problem is I can't install the Web Drivers I have the actually Version 16G65 and I boot and have a Blackscreen and Reboot.

I perform a clean install I deleted the old web drivers, cleaned nvram than installed the new.

On the Nvidia Page stands that my GTX285 is supported so I don't know why its not going :evil:

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The Web Driver wont work. But the Problem is the GTX 285.

I try that Card in my other Pc and had the same issue.

I now Change the Card to my HD7770 but the Screen stays Black i dont know whats now going on i allready try Lilu + We, Verde.kext and Framebuffer change.

The Thing is the Pc has a Nice Casemod so he is pretty small and i travel him.I wanted to use him for universitiy

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Hey Madl0n.

I fixed this issue whit using Mac OS Sierra there is some problem whit Core 2 and the HD7770 on High Sierra.

on Sierra all lags are gone and the System is working great.

I got one Problem the HDMI Audio is not working can you check the DSDT maybe ?



use whateveergreen kext

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Hey, I had again some issues when I longer use my Computer my CPU won't go High Power State the Speedstep Clock goes up to 2,83 but my Vcore Voltage stays at 1.040 when I reboot I got again for about 1 hour my full score 1,236.

I find a other DSDT: https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/files/file/788-dsdt-asrock-g41m-vs3-r20-bios-v190/ whit this it seems to be fine but my Graphic is not working there. Can you maybe find the Solution ? Thanks

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