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Hackintosh Guide - Sierra / High Sierra / Mojave / Catalina on Sky/Kaby/CoffeeLake Notebooks with Clover Bootloader

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hello Maldon I want your help ... realy .... i have assus strigx gl553vd can you see the specs please and tell me if is posible to oparate nvidia 1050 card? because i dont know how but i try a lots of times and my first problem is i cant mount efi partitsion . i dont car for the money just i want fix it if we can do something for ... i can do anything ;) something easy because i dont know how to fix this ... and to make my card work Thanks.

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from bios i cant disable it ... this mean i can use only intel right ? and i have only 2 problems i cant mount my drive to do anything .... and i cant fix the sound ... you know something i can do for this? the sound is goood if we can fix it ...i put from file finder to change clover files from efi ... and i changet with this file you tell in your post... config2.plist

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[ref]MaLd0n[/ref], Hello mald0n, I found the reason for my ThinkPad x270 stop “end Randrom seed” (no “+” string).

As long as the Drivers64uefi in the Clover folder exists Fsinject-64.efi it will occur.

But without Fsinject-64.efi, then the kext in the other can not be loaded.

How do I solve this problem, or do I have to load the kext in the other without Fsinject-64.efi? Thank you!

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I have try this a lot of times and nothing . Also today I installe the Mojave and still I cant mount the efi... and I cant do anything for the sound ... just I tell for inform... I have 2 hdd in the laptop one ssd ... and one hdd in ssd have windows and in . Hdd macos ... you have any idea...;

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my friend ... i try something else ... i leave only one hdd in my laptop nothing else ... and i instal clear tha high sierra from the start again and finally ... the sound works alone i dont do anything and just work :D ... this is enough for me i use it only for davinci resolve .... with internal graphic card is fine for me ...

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my laptop is acer e5 476g

i5 8250U

12gb ram

i succeed installed mojave 10.14.3

after instaalation.. restart

and i got bootloop panic

i tried config and config2

please help

what i should do?

btw no problem with high sierra and mojave beta


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I want to install High Sierra to my Desktop PC

HP Pavilion 690-056ccn Gaming

mother board spec(H370): https://support.hp.com/tw-zh/document/c05991291

HP disabled BIOS Advance setting

and when GTX 1060 on board, UHD auto disabled, I must use Nvidia GTX 1060 as my video card.

First I use Clover.100.200.300 to install, but cannot boot into install interface.

So I find this clover(in Send me ...zip file) similar to my machine's configuration, it can boot into install, but install freeze at "2 minutes..."

Then I installed macOS through TimeMachine recovery, it can be booted.

But :

1. cannot power off except click machine's Power Button;

2. cannot sleep to wake.

3. System Information cannot get PCI information

4. cannot control light of screen.

Please Help me, thank you!

Send me iMac-HP.zip

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I will replace clover using 100.200.300 to try it.

u can use ur clover folder, just add patches too

change GFX0 to IGPU

change HDAS to HDEF

change HECI to IMEI

change SAT0 to SATA

change GLAN to GIGE

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