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mac os sierra 10.12 can't install

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motherboard - Gigabyte Z270M D3H

Processor - Intel i7 7700,7700 k

Graphics Card - Zotac GTX 1060 6gb DDR5

Ram - 16 gb DDR4

i set motherboard bios (Gigabyte Z270M D3H) like as below:

1,Save & Exit - Load optimized defaults

2,MIT - Advance memory settings-Extreme memory profile (XMP) : Profile 1

3,Bios - Fast boot : Disabled

4,Bios - Windows 8/10 features : Other os

5,Bios - Lan PXE boot option rom : Disabled

6,Bios - Storage boot option control : UEFI

7,Peripherals - Initial display output : IGFX / PCIe 1slot

8,Peripherals - Super IO configuration - Serial port : Disabled

9,Peripherals - Network stack configuration - network stack : Disabled

10,Peripherals - USB configuration - XHCI hand - off : Enabled

11,Chipset - VT-d : Disabled

12,Chipset - Wake on Lan enable : Disabled

.... i set my motherboard bios like this ......

"macOS Sierra 10.12 bootable USB for Intel PCs " i have already this in my pendrive...

i connect my sandisk pendrive in my system, when i system is started i press in "F12" and i select sandisk UEFI, then i get the option to install mac os sierra...

when i try to install, i got a message like this as "this version of mac os x is not supported in this platform (Reason : Mac - F42C88C8)"

pls help me its very urgent...........

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Change SMBIOS settings in Clover options to iMac17,1 and set FakeCPUID to Skylake CPU (under binaries patching)

	<string>Apple Inc.</string>
	<string>Apple Inc.</string>
	<string>Apple Inc.</string>
	<string>Part Component</string>
	<string>Apple Inc.</string>

After updating to 10.12.6 you can change SMBIOS to iMac18,3 (use Clover Configurator) and remove FakeCPUID.

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