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[DSDT-Request] ThinkPad W520

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im from germany so sry for my (maybe) bad english. I get Lion 10.7.2 to work on my ThinkPad W520 i really hope someone can help me with my DSDT now.

I extracted the file from Windows with DSDT-Editor from insanelymac.com. If you need any information about my system just let me know.

I tried a lot of things to get it to work and it took me 2 Weeks to get Lion installed so i hope i get a working system at the end with the dsdt :).

ThinkPad W520 NY424GE

- with 16GB Ram

- 120GB OCZ Vertex Turbo

My CPU- Performance (i7-2720) is the main problem. Under Windows i get around 5,2 in Cinebench and in OS X only 4,2. Maybe a problem with Speedstep or Turboboost? I tried diffrent Benchmarks but nothing changed.

If i get it to work i will donate for your hard work! ;)


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