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[DSDT Request] Toshiba Laptop A500 (PSAR9E) Bios V2.00

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Hi :)

Send you the extracted (from Win7) Original ASL and the one with No Errors After Correction :

I just change "_T_" with "dit", fix errors, and all seems to be clear.

Installing the 10.7.0, updating to 10.7.1 and using the "No errors" DSDT.AML with Chameleon SVN2.1 r1565 (Graphic enabler, 64 bit)

I apply no patch, i try it, the power button is ok, Sound is ok with the right Kext, GT330M with native kext work flawlessly (QE/Ci,Cuda,Etc...)

NullCPUPowermanagement.kext and LegacyApple RTC are present in Extra\Extensions.

But "Deep Sleep" (suspendre l'activit├ę in french) don't work.

I think there's some bug into DSDT and hope you can help me to solve it !



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I have this very same laptop and trying to install lion everything works great but the problem with the Graphics card Nvidia GT330M 1024 no QE/CI in system information .. by the way this is after the dsdt supplied above... also i dunno about the audio what is the best next to get it working? also bluetooth

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