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Errors when patching MSI P67A C43 B3


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Hi. I get DSDT in Ubuntu and now I can not patch. I used the file P67A C43 B3.txt from DSDT Auto-Patcher. Please help make DSDT. Thank you!

Log from DSDT Auto-Patcher:

09:59:08: DSDT selected: /Volumes/Media/Mountain lion/DSDT/dsdt_from_linux.aml
09:59:24: Patch selected: /Volumes/Media/Mountain lion/DSDTAutoPatcherLinMacWin/patch/MSI/P67A C43 B3.txt
09:59:27: Decompiling DSDT...
09:59:28: Parsing DSL code...
09:59:29: Applying patches...
09:59:30: Saving the new DSL file...
09:59:31: Compiling and checking compiler errors...
09:59:31: First compile errors: 14
09:59:31: Fixing errors...
09:59:31: Second compile errors: 6
09:59:31: Compiling again...
09:59:31: Third compile errors: 6
09:59:31: Errors persisted all fixing tentatives, please post this log at Olarila.com forums
[[Line 2815 type Error message Object is not accessible from this scope (CRS_)], [Line 6277 type Error message Name already exists in scope (HDEF)], [Line 6279 type Error message Name already exists in scope (_ADR)], [Line 8643 type Error message Object does not exist (\_SB.PCI0.HDEF.DCKS)], [Line 8645 type Error message Object does not exist (\_SB.PCI0.HDEF.DCKA)], [Line 9299 type Error message Object does not exist (\_SB.PCI0.SBUS.HSTS)]]
09:59:31: Aborted, compilation failed


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