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Correct update procedure to 10.9.2 for AMD Hackintosh ?


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Hi everyone,

So I had success installing OS X Mavericks on an AMD Athlon 64 x2 2.0 Ghz using Niresh distro. It's a HP dc5750 with 2 GB DDR2 RAM and 2 SATA HD (80 GB for OS X and 500 GB for Windows, Data and Time Machine). GPU is an onboard ATI Xpress 1150 replaced by a Radeon HD 5450 1 GB with full QE/CI support).

Unfortunately, this is a 10.9 version and I'm willing to update to 10.9.2, so I downloaded the combo Update, installed it, restore back the mach-kernel with a new one for 10.9.2 (think it's BSA_kernel R6 10.9.2 beta) which is supposed to work on the new update then I reboot.

First, I had the damn OpEmu message and had to do a Time Machine restore. Then I read that some kexts needded to be backup before installing the Update (AppleMatch.kext, Corecrypto.kext, System.kext and Sandbox.kext), so that's what I did and before reboot, I've restored them back to S/L/E and repaired permissions. Now I'm stuck at Radeon Sensors started in verbose mode and that's itโ€ฆ

Don't know what's wrong, but it's a defintive fails at the time being. I read many successfull update reports so I wondering what is the exact correct procedure to update to 10.9.2.

Help please :?::D:?::-)

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