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Samsung NP880Z5E - Internal microphone issue

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I need some help. I've been working this sound problem the past couple of weeks and just can't figure it out.

I have a Samsung NP880Z5E laptop running Mavericks 10.9.2. The computer uses a Realtek ALC269VC sound chip. Most of the computer works well with Mavericks and I have been able to modify the DSDT and AppleHDA to get some sound. However, while my speaker, headphones and external mic usually work, the internal microphone will not work at the same time that the internal speaker is working.

As an example, if I plug in the headphones, the output and input always work. I can use FaceTime while using headphones. When I take out the plug for the headphones, usually the speaker works, but sometimes the internal mic will work and not the speaker. The speaker does not typically stay in a non-working condition. If the speaker is currently not working (as tested in system preferences, sound or by pressing Fn-F7 or F8) then often when a program calls for sound there will be a slight "pop" and then I have sound, but then the internal mic (tested in system preferences, sound) will not work.

I have never had both the internal speaker and the internal mic working at the same time.

The headphones work well and usually the internal speaker works well. Also, HDMI audio works well for me through Airplay. I just cannot get the internal mic to work at the same time the internal speakers are working.

Please know that I have tried many combinations of codec verbs such as changing the jack sense of the mic or speaker.

I have attached my my codec dump, dsdt file and the hardware definition of my current AppleHDAkext. While the Olarila board will not allow me to attach the platforms.xml.zlib (three attachments maximum), know that I am currently using Internal mic (9-34-18), External Mic (8-35-24), Internal Speaker (27-13-3) and Headphone audio (21-12-2) associations. I am using layout 28 and have that set in the DSDT.

Please look at the attached files and offer any suggestions. All help is very welcome.






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