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Touchpad and Keyboard not working on Dell machine

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Hello community, this is my first time using hackintosh, I am using a Dell Inspiron 15 3511 with the specs as follows:-

CPU - Intel Core i3 1115G4 Dual core processor

RAM- 8GB 3200mhz 

Storage 1 - Crucial NVMe 512GB SSD 

Storage 2 - Kingston A400 240GB SSD ( hackintosh is installed on this Drive )


The issue-

The touchpad and the keyboard does not work. External keyboard and Mouse works. Wifi does not work but I was able to watch a tutorial on youtube to use USB tethering and share internet from phone. I have watched plenty of youtube tutorials on how to install VoodooPS2 and Voodoo I2C kexts but they are not working. As far I as I know , my touchpad drivers are not synaptic drivers. All my drivers get updated automatically by dell so I won't be able to give much technical detail at the moment. I would appreciate all the help possible. 

Thanks in Advance ! 

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Thanks for replying!

What is ( ioreg ) ? and how to save one ? where can I find the instructions to look it up and save that ? 


I searched it up in google and I found IORegistryExplorer from github. I saved the file . Here it is. Let me know If I have to do something else.  Hackintosh_95 _oreg.zip

** I had to compress it as the file size was above the limit for sending it here. **

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Update !!!

Hello Admin, I have good news. Thank you so much for the kexts. the trackpad and keyboard works now . I now have to fix the wifi issue and the graphics. Properties show Display Memory is 7MB. Should I open. a separate topic for that or shall I continue in this ?

Once again Admin, My sincere thanks to you and the Olarila Community for sticking with me and helping me . ❤️


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