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Help To install Mavericks 10.9.1

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Hello to everyone, couple days ago i try to install OS X10.9.1 on My PC and something don't work properly :( if somebody can help please, my spec :

Motherboard : Intel DH77KC

CPU : i7 3770

RAM : 12 GB Crucial

HDD : 500 GB (for mac only)

Video : ATI 5770 1GB

so then i try to install system in normal mode, installation process stops then i see on the white(gray) screen mouse i can move mouse but nothing else try to wait 1H and nothing :(

Then i try to install system with -x -v everything works

it took me almost one day to driver for LAN card but i founded from multishit intel1000 works perfectly

video only its show like they see driver but video don't work my be because is safe mode

Sound don't work and i can't start-it :(((((

when i try to start system in normal mode after installed in safe mode system freeze, like i see apple and spinning flower under and nothing else wait 2h and nothing :(

so may be some one can help me with some right way how to install and make everything work

here is some pictures:

Please HELP who can and sorry for my english


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Problem fixt :)

Board Intel DH77KC

First to make system run right i was suppose to "disable VT-d option" in the BIOS

for LAN Kext (i use Intel1000 driver (multi beast)

for sound use (Realtek ALC 892 without DSDT) also from multi beast

now system work perfectly :)

THX to all who try to help me

Problem solved

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