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Need advice for BIOS Setting GA Z690 Mobo with lastest bios verison F21

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I recently purchased new DDR5 32G RAM 5600 MHz (16Gb x2), which needs the F21 BIOS to operate.


However, my current mobo is Z690 Gaming X (16Gbx1 5200 Mhz) with F8 BIOS have no issue with when boot hackintosh. (I assume all GA Z690 may have the same bios settings)

I did flashed the bios to F21 and did the same bios setting with F8. Now I cannot boot hackintosh. stuck at [EB|#LOG:EXITBS:START]

Basically my config are below

  • Above 4G Decoding → Enabled
  • Re-Size BAR Support → Enabled
  • VT-d → Enabled
  • XHCI Hand-off → Enabled 
  • Hyper Threading Technology → Enabled
  • TSM 2.0 (Trusted Computing)→ Disabled 
  • CFG-Lock → Disabled 
  • Fast Boot → Disabled 
  • Windows 10 Features → Windows 10 
  • CSM Support → Disabled 

I'm not certain not sure. Do I need a extra configuration? since I noticed 'Improve the linkage between Resizable and 4G above'


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On 12/2/2022 at 4:12 PM, Huynh Hoàng Văn said:

Hey man I'm having the same issue (can't roll back to f8 because i'm using 13700kf)
Does it resolve your issue yet?

I have the same issue, for now I use the basic SSDT-OLARILA700 to boot up. When I get time I'll do another system dump and see if MaLd0n can help.

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