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[WWAN] DW5560

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I am trying to run my WWAN card on Mavericks 10.9.0 / 10.9.1

This is a Sony Ericsson DW5560

Mavericks gives me the following information:


Product id: 0x818e

Provider ID: 0x413c (Dell Inc.)

Version 0.00

Serial number: 1AB4C4F44BAAD4M0

Speed: Up to 480 Mb / s

Manufacturer: Dell

Identifying location: 0x1a160000 / 4

Available current (mA): 500

Current Required (mA): 0

I tried to change the following kexts:



But without success

Thank you for your help.

Dell E5420

i5 - 2520M

HD 3000

DD : OCZ Vertex 3 120Go

DVD : No remplace by DD Samsung

Wifi : Broadcom 1510

Bluetooth: Dell 375

WWAN: DW5560

Bios : A13

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