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Installing Mavericks on MBR Disk, after Windows 8

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I have already done that and even created an HFS+ partition. Now how can i enable Olarila release to support MBR install ?

i had same situation like you. Windows 8.1 Pro in partition 1 and I dont want to format it whatsover. so here are what I did:

the raw image i've got from here wont boot ever (the clover one), i can boot to the chameleon, but it never got to installer no matter what i did. but then i read about clover bootdisk utility by cvad, so i use two usb :D boot via usb created by bootdisk utility (it booted fine from clover, no go with chameleon), then plug the usb with installer, boot the osx installer. then finish your installation, after that remove (when the restart-countdown shows up), unplug the usb installer.

still booting from your bootdisk utility usb (use clover), boot to Mavericks partition (it will boot fine :D ). after that do the post install. for me this is the longest time i need to configure: how to boot without the bootdisk utility. since i never got to osx environment with chameleon, so clover is the one for my laptop. took some time to read about clover, and voilaa.. OSX Mavericks and Windows 8.1 Pro living living happily in my laptop.

it maybe not the "clean" way for dual booting (i try using grub, bcdedit, etc, never work :( ), but atleast it's working fine for me.

hope that helps.

Acer 4740 (i3 330M, Intel Graphic HD, 2 gB ram). OSes: Mavericks 10.9.1 | Windows 8.1 Pro. Bootloader: Clover

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Are you kidding me? You are far from telling how to do it... Geez!

what do you want to do anyway? i was just telling my experience. and it turns out the clover in usb boot just fine in my laptop. i need to configure the config first. so again i'll say: learn bout the bootloader (clover or chameleon). the raw image provided here is running fine, even in mbr disk.

Acer 4740 (i3 330M, Intel Graphic HD, 2 gB ram). OSes: Mavericks 10.9.1 | Windows 8.1 Pro. Bootloader: Clover

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I have windows 8 and mavericks with chameleon wizzard.

can anyone know why every time when i go on mac the time is good and when i go to windows 8 is going with 2 hours behind .

I turn off automatic time update zone on windows and mac and still the same..

My country is on the time settings .

Any idea how to fix this ?

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