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On 8/25/2022 at 12:41 PM, girino said:


Good thing we have Olarila. Just imagine having to use that darkness they spread around as if it were vanilla.

  1. Like Maldon says theres great people everywhere. You have to learn from different sources. But everyone will build their foundation, theoir fallback somewhere. Out of all the sites even though honestly ive only used olarila SSDTs a few times mainly when i met the Boss here and got intro to the DSDT method. Ive learned more here and come to a place where bcuz i reverse engineered Maldons tutorial videos on DSDT nd reversed engineered the olarila aml SSDT,,i can do my own now either one, but thatsnot the best part of it. Bcuz of olarila and maldon,i have develpoed a skill I dont think i would have ever started had not come here. as of a year ago my biggest thingcmd line was was using diskpart on windows to format me a USB drive to install windpws on. Thats it!
  2. If I want to write a application or build a app,those are real possibilitiestoday they are,a year ago they ere not. I got MUCHO RESPECT 4 Maldon. He handed me nothing on silver platter,he just told me where to get th info and i did and ive studied and worked my butt off doing this for the last year damn near everyday for hours. Its been a great journey,
  3. All im trying to say is if i can say it in one sentence. Ive bettered myself because of olarila site and Maldon and of course many others. But olarila my favorite. And Maldon your my homeboy brother. Thanks for everything!
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The worst one is TonyMac 🤮 even the devs are rude if you ask something they most likely make fun of the user 🤮

Their tutorials are the most boring you have to read many pages of bullshit to get your answer in one line (I opened a discussion about that on their website, but no solution).

Anyway, I was lucky to find Olarila the best Hackintosh website.

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Haswell Hackintosh: GA Z970N WIFI Gaming 5, i7 4790K, Radeon HD 7970, 16GB RAM

Coffee Lake Hackintosh: GA Z370N Wifi, i7 8700K, Radeon XFX RX Vega 64, 32GB RAM

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On 10/5/2022 at 6:42 PM, RandomTech said:

The worst one is TonyMac 🤮 even the devs are rude if you ask something they most likely make fun of the user 


the same things repeated 1000 times

with Olarila EFI folder we can drop 999 things and just generate smbios and remove unused lan kexts ;) 

Support Olarila Vanilla Hackintosh by making a donation HERE

About Premium Users you can check HERE

Problems with Paypal HERE

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