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Can't reach the installer. What to do now?


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Ugh. Problems since day one.

I'm looking why I can't reach the installer. Verbose says everything is ok. Stops at:



I have tried -x -v -f -s -F graphics enabler, pcirootuid, darts, CPUs and more flags with no luck.

Please help. I've been asking all internet.

My rig is

pentium g3420 haswell

Gigabyte h81m-s2pv

Gtx 560

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Now it gets stuck at

hfs: mounted 10.9 on device root_device 


before the kernel it was stuck at

XCPM registered.

By the looks of it. It seems many users have this kind of problems.

Is there any patching I could do to make it work?


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Any luck? A month appears to have passed so I'm hoping.

I'm suffering from the same problem with my i7 4702mq CPU and Mavericks. Neither the USB stick nor Mavericks itself will boot past the hfs: mounted ... root_device line. By comparing with Mountain Lion, it appears the next line should be "Kernel is LP64".

Is some kext hanging? Is there a way to get more detailed info?

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First, you need the modded mach_kernel for your architecture.

Later, have you guys tried to put the bootloader and the Mac install in a HDD partition? You probably have a USB drive containing an EFI partition with Clover and a hfs+ partition with the Mac install. You can try to format the HDD over Linux to a GPT scheme, then copy the USB EFI folder to the HDD EFI partition, and finally create in the HDD two hfs+ partitions, one bigger for Mac and one around 10GB for the install. Clone the USB install partition to the HDD install partition.

This way you'll get rid of any extra devices plugged to the USB that could be giving you problems. My problem was not exactly the same as yours, but it was related and I could solve it this way.

Mavericks 10.9.2 Retail

When you ask for support, remember to tell the bootloader you use :)

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