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Mavericks and WPA2


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I upgraded from ML 10.8.5 to Mavericks with unishit method;

Upgrade ok, but still have problems with my wireless: I have a BCM4312 adapter and also in ML I had to replace IO80211Family.kext with modified version to get it working. this went ok; Under ML i had also te replace airportd in /usr/libexec/airportd in order to get WPA2 working with my adapter;

I did this in Mavericks but it is not ok, it works but not as it should. If I connect to an open network no problem. If I try to connect to a wpa2 protected network I have to connect manually ( by entering the requested fields) and then it works but the wireles icon in the menu bar stays greyed out and when i hoover over it with the mouse I get a spinning coloured wheel, but as I said i can connect to the internet.

Already read that some real macs have problems with wpa2 too, after upgrade

Any toughts?

(Posting this wireless from Mavericks)

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I used the "beast" thing only to make a bootable usb installer. It just upgraded my mountain lion to mavericks with the download from the app store. don't think it changed anything else.

I read the link you gave me, but I don't see anything related to my problem: as said the card works perfectly in ML, it works also in mavericks only I have to use every time the neetwork assitant to connect then it works simply ok ( except the icon in the menubar is grayed out)

( And I only upgraded my copy of ML on usb, on the harddisk of the laptop I still use ML)

Think I have to wait for apple to resolve it:


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