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graphics problem geforce 6600 gt on g31M ES2L mother board

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Hi Guys

Trying everywhere for help lol. I had a working sl for years and the hard drive packed in. No important data as such it was kids machine. Used tonycrap install as before but this time the graphics are not right. Cant run frontrow and no cool ripples in widgets make me think I'm missing something in the setup. Sound and internet work but when I type into the search bar it half loads a page and hangs on the beach ball, I think this is all related? Tried nvenabler and it just killed the installation. Must have reinstalled 7 times trying different things. Attached pic of the about my mac info on the video card. Im pretty sure it used to give all the nvidia info. Suggestions greatly received. Btw i installed retail 10.6 then upgraded using the combo to 10.6.8 then ran multishit.



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