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Patching AppleHDA for Laptop with 4 speakers


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Hey everyone,

I have a HP Spectre XT Touchsmart Notebook, on which I have been working to get MacOSX fully running for about 2,5 weeks now.

I'm at about 90% so far.

The current issue is my sound. The HP Spectre has two speakers on the bottom, and two (or maybe only one) on the top.

With VoodooHDA the sound was miserable, and only the bottom speakers were active.

Today I found a patched AppleHDA for exactly my chipset: http://www.osx86.net/files/file/3498-apple-hda-for-idt-92hd99bxx-id-0x111d76e5/

With the DSDT patch I got it working, and the sound quality is way better than with VoodooHDA, but still only the bottom speakers are working.

From what I saw from my Windows installation, the bottom speakers are only supporting speakers, and the top speakers are the ones that are actually responsible for the high-quality sound.

Now, I want to patch my AppleHDA to make my top speakers work. But to be honest, I can only get the concept of AppleHDA patching to a certain point.

I do have the codec_dump.txt, and also created the codec_dump.txt.svg, made the hex_to_dec patch, created the verbs.txt. But that is where I don't understand how to go on. I read the guides 5 times, but I still don't understand it.

I uploaded all of my files here: http://d-h.st/uJv

If anyone could help me out on this, this would be VERY much appreciated. I like to do everything on my hackintosh on my own, but this is a point where I am really lost.

If you need any more information, I'll be happy to deliver asap!

Thanks in advance guys!



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The sound quality is mediocre, I would say.

The HP Spectre XT features "Beats Audio", in Windows the sound is really great, good bass, pretty loud.

But without the top speakers it's not very loud and no bass at all :(

Is there any chance to get the top speakers working, instead of the bottom speakers?

Maybe the sound is better with the top speakers on, and the bottom speakers off.

Thank you for your help, Mirone.

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Thanks Mirone,

that made the sound a little bit better.

But if you have a litte bit more time, I would like to ask you to look at this:

I just reinstalled Windows next to my MacOSX and installed the sound drivers.

Now I looked in the registry, and there I found a PinConfig with 23 Entries, and also another PinConfig with 11 Entries.

Would you look at this? Maybe it is possible to make a AppleHDA where all speakers work with both these PinConfigs?

Here is are the entries from the registry:

- 1. Entry (with 11 PinConfigs): http://pastebin.com/3EGh4xfT

- 2. Entry (with 23 PinConfigs): http://pastebin.com/5bPLsgbd

Thank you very much for your help and your work!



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