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Can only boot in safe mode GTX-660

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I updated the gpu in my hackintosh today to the evga gtx660.

Now I can only boot in safe mode on my computer.

In safe mode the gpu is recognized.

When I try to boot without -x everything begins normally then the gray screen comes up.

It disappears shortly after and a black screen comes up. I have attached a photo of what this screen says.

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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I can confirm that my Gigabyte Geforce GTX 600 (non-TI) works as well. I'll walk through how I got it to work...

Before I installed the card (since tonycrap said that it would not boot without the drivers installed) I attempted to install the NVIDIA drivers, but the installer said I had an unsupported system (mine was set as the mac mini system definition)

Then, I switched to macpro 3,1 using multishit, set GraphicsEnabler=No, and installed the NVIDIA drivers then restarted the system.

After that, I installed the card, connected w/ HDMI, rebooted, and everything worked first try including HDMI audi

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