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Noob attempt > installing ML on Asus g53sw


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Basically I´m really excited to try out installing Mountaint Lion 10.8.5 on my Asus G53s laptop and I am in need of some general advice!

This laptop has the nvidia gtx 460m gpu and an intel i5 (4gb ram which I might upgrade) which should be nice to use in mac form(and its compatible). Also I´m curious if you can choose the windows partioned HD for installing os x on and what will happen if you do.

The problem I have is that I have almost no clue where to start. Theres iDeneb, and the sticky in this forum for creating a bootable USB that seems great! Vanilla hackintosh guide: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b1pbJOW5gyQ&feature=endscreen

Then theres this guide thats specific to my laptop from another forum http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/280388-guide-asus-g53sw-mountain-lion-1082-complete/ but this one is not too noob friendly from what I can read unfortunately.

1. Im wondering why the sticky guide in this forum for creating a ML usb doesnt say anything about multishit?

2. I would love to know what the general differences between iDeneb, the bootable usb sticky and the vanilla os x guide are explained in a simple manner.

3. Should I buy a copy of ML to boot from or use the link from the usb bootable sticky? I´d happily pay if it was required :roll:

As you can see I am a bit confused and a small push in the right direction would be super!

(Oh and will I be able to use these kexts mentioned in this quick setup with mountain lion v-10.8.5 http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/281404-asus-g53sw-mountain-lion-quick-setup/ )

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1. propriety

2. iDeneb is a "distro". you will have better chances of a 'vanilla' install. the usb installer in the sticky threads are 'vanilla' i think.

3. after doing your hack and you think you appreciate the software, then please purchase the original.

so get the usb installer from here, put to usb and start installing. then either you use those kexts you mentioned or look for updated versions that work with the version of ML you intend to install.

take note that doing a hackintosh takes a LOT of patience. it normally takes me more than a week to 'finalize' my installation and get everything working as it should be.

if you hit a snag, either you reply to this thread or make a new one specifying your exact problem so that others may be able to help you at the soonest time possible.

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about the beast thing, it's because comes from a commercial site based on stolen work, tools developed by others without the proper credit and not as near reliable as manual installation with tools and kexts downloaded from the source.

it's up to you get a copy from app store, you can swear you did it but the fact is there is no way to know, there are torrents and dl links all over the web with the installer .app. it is recommended of course. but doesn't make any difference to us since, as said, there is no way to really know.

about distros and vanilla install, the difference is that distros try to be compatible with many hw and have some automated tools that rarely work properly. it is highly recommended install retail using the forum image since you will have the support you need.

you need to read the install and post install topics and start from there.

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