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Acer 5745G Laptop Sluggish under Lion, IRQ / DSDT issues ?

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Hey Guys,

I was running snow leopard on this acer 5745G for last 1.5 years, with minimal problems (I was at 10.6.3 or 10.6.4 and never upgraded beyond that), now after upgrading to Lion, I feel the system is slower and jittery at times. I can see momentary pauses in the system, for eg. Windows get stuck and slowly / jerkingly minimize and maximize, in photoshop doing zoom in and zoom out is jittery and so forth.

attaching the send_me.zip along with the post. I got some advice over forums and IRC that this might be related to IRQ conflicts etc.

PS: I am using the dsdt.aml generated from auto patcher which seems to have support for Acer 5745G.

Laptop Details:

- Acer 5745G, Core i5 430M Processor

- 4 GB RAM

- 1 GB graphics ram and Nvidia GT 330M processor.

Let me know if any other information is needed.

Thanks in advance !!!

- Rock


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It may be something related to AppleGraphicsPowerManagement, try to add your card's ID under the model identifier you are using in Info.plist





or use a legacy kext.

This is the one I use



You may want to test the original threshold values, I modified them to workaround a lag issue when my card switches from/to lowest state.


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Hey.. I noted in ur post that without AGPM things worked fine for me... but that is not the case with me.. even without AGPM the system is still laggy.... It used to work fine in 10.6.4 if I remember correctly I had the same issue when I upgraded to 10.6.6 (or .8). I think between these versions, the IOPCI handling changed a bit... can it be related to that?

In case yes, can I use the old IOPCI kext with the new lion and what all kexts I need to replace.

thanks in advance.


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