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bluetooth problem on startup

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Hi, my problem is when startup hackintosh, bluetooth dont work, only when press FN+F3, activate and work, I can activate bluetooth when start hackintosh? Thanks

Is a laptop Acer 5820tg with 10.8.5 and bluetooth device:

Versi贸n del Software Bluetooth Apple: 4.1.7f2 12718

Ajustes del hardware:

Direcci贸n: 50-63-13-FA-E6-BE

Fabricante: Broadcom

Nombre: MacBookPro

Versi贸n del firmware: v119 c21341

Alimentaci贸n Bluetooth: Act.

Modo visible: Desactivado

Conectable: S铆

Activaci贸n remota: Act.

ID del fabricante: 0x0489

ID del producto: 0xE011

Versi贸n HCI: 0x4

Revisi贸n HCI: 0x535D

Versi贸n LMP: 0x4

Subversi贸n LMP: 0x4277

Tipo de dispositivo (mayor): Ordenador

Tipo de dispositivo (completo): Ordenador port谩til Mac

Clase de dispositivo compuesta: 0x38010C

Clase de dispositivo (mayor): 0x01

Clase de dispositivo (menor): 0x03

Clase de servicio: 0x1C0

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You have to add your device id into IOBluetoothFamily, show package contents, plugins, and the first kext you see which since you have Broadcom will be, BroadcomBluetoothHostControllerUSBTransport.kext. Again right click, press show package contents, and copy info.plist to desktop. I can either tell you how to do it or you can attach your info.plist and ill edit for you.

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Here you go friend! BroadcomAppleBluetooth.kext is not needed for native bluetooth functionality. But if you do want to use it i patched that and IOBLuetoothFamily.kext. First try only IOBluetoothFamily by itself first and let me know how it works.



EDIT: IOBluetoothHIDDriver only controls bluetooth mice and is generic so no change there. Be sure to remove BroadcomAppleBluetooth.kext first!

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when boot up, bluetooth dont show on preferences. After press fn+f3 activate bluetooth and icon show on preferences

Ah ok. I used to get that when i wake up from sleep...it usually means the driver is initializing...it should come on after a minute or so? I wish there was a way fn+f3 could be turned into a script but im not very good with coding :oops:

Maybe its a kext that is interfering. Open terminal and type "kextstat" (no quotes) and post screenshot.

Thanks for your patience!

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