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[SOLVED] Help On sleekbook HP Intel I5-3317U for HD4000

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I come see you to ask help for my laptop, i done so much things on it, working properly with ML 10.8.3 and all expect Wifi is OK, with triple boot ML Seven and Ubuntu.

But i tried for weeks and weeks to solve one thing : HD4000 QE/CI.

I read a lot and lot and lot of guides and forum to enabler it and tried a lot of things (and reinstall a lot of times)

My conf :

CPU : Intel I5-3317U

GPUS : Optimus (hd4000 in front and nvidia) dont care of nvidia but can 't disable it in my locked bios and can't change the Ram of the HD4000 in bios.

Method i used :

- Original, framebufferCapri and HD4000 kext with Enoch loader with all ID : KO strartup hang

- Pacthed framebufferCapri and HD4000 kext with Enoch loader with all ID : KO strartup hang.

For the pacthed kext i took one already done because unable to find the \System\Library\Extensions\AppleIntelFramebufferCaprix.kext\Contents\info.plist in the kext, even trying ShowAllFiles or from terminal with usb boot.

When i let alone the framebufferCapri patched and delete the HD4000 kext i got some new features like Screen resoltion or refresh rates but a lot of graphics bug on safari and other softwares.

I don t have DSDT, and don t understand exactly how works the HD4000 to load, i understood that it need 3 kext to have full QE/CI that is AGPM, FramebufferCapri and HD4000 kexts.

I think i m a little newbie in this hackintosh world but if you can explain to me :D

Thans'k a lot (sorry bad English)

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This is solved.

I see in my system log that my frambuffercapri, SNBGraphics and another (upstreamclient but don t care), doesn't have Info.plist.

I just install the combo of my release 10.8.3 to have clean kexts and use GraphicsEnabler + one device-ID, and HD4000 Worked properly whith full QE/CI.

I hope this can help someone.

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