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Walldemar Serbia

Xeon e5-2696v4 on X99DX2

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Ok This are my findings so far since I finally build the X99DX2 w/ BigSur, I have got this rig since Sierra, but anyways.

Ok when I finally got it boot I did some benchmark and this was done w/ OC 075 build using GenX tool when true a lot trying until finally and that's how I end up with a success boot to BigSur but with a getoo EFI and I mean w/ this having some patch of the clover in it but that's over, but regardless having that EFI suit that way I was having sleep and wake like a real Mac as well and performance the video above it shows, then decide to do a more clean and fine tune approach in which THE ACPI HEATER, AKA MALDON did his job as a PROFECIONAL that he is. With his DSDT the computer reach the same or in occasion better performance it take a little longer to leave out of the NAP mode or hybrid sleep sore off, with the way I had it before is like a computer with performance mode all the time but its great fells like a MAC and performance beside the single core performance it performs just close to a NEW M1 MAX computer it shows the result on GB5 multi 13245- lows 12356. I will be posting some other links to a video shortly.   


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Hey MALDON, she is running great, but snooping around in OIRegistry I see on the drivers that Apples recognize the VEGA64 all other chipset of the card have set and define the PhmSoftPowerTable, but the only one that don't have this power table set are the IRI and Kamarang and those 2 specially Kamarang are the comparable with my XTXVega64 Radeon and I have a SSDT edited by someone KGP in other forum that the vega64 was performing a more consistent Im not worry about sleep cause I don't sleep my computer anyways and cooling I got more than enough for matter so, I was wondering if that SSDT can be edited to my DSDT or better saying add to it or can I place that SSDT with the DSDT and let OC do the magic, it seem but Im not expert on this, help me out.

Oh by the way forgot if you want to take a lock to what just said


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This what seen so far using Intel power tool and Cinebench R23

If I disable the power management on system preference you should think the computer its going to perform at full speed all the time right ah, wrong, instead it power down to like a BALANCE MODE set here on BIGSUR, but when I select POWER management on and run the same test on the first run results of 16400 and do second run and results of 17400 that tells me that BIGSUR using power management on w/ its algorithm it balance better the CPU performance but you need like MALDON said to have a DSDT properly configured and now that OC has the parameters of the CPU I think there its not need to have any input set on the DSDT as far CPU goes but for the graphics card definitely yes. 

The system always are goin to set 2 steps down of the MAX of the CPU in high performance utilization power hungry APPLICations so CPUS wise if I need to get so performance the other route its UNDERVOLTING and that's it needs to be done first in WINDOWS then ones find a sweet spot place it in BIOS and save its setting for bigSUR and see if it STABLE and I will report results afterwards.

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Yes Im going to send it or better yet prepare it then send it, but yes is waking now like when I first finally install it the on ly Kext beside your are the USB port kext but as far as CPU I just let be like it is then later in WINDOWS I do some undervaluing and transfer the results to OS X bios settings But the video Card yes I will like U take a Look to what I said earlier Thanks oh by the way if U like you move my thread to the Premium section if U like.

Send me Walldemars-Mac-Pro.zip

This is the last video posting proving the results w/ the help of this FORUM and the ACPI heater better know as AKA MALDON. I came to this forum after finally have a successfully install BIDSUR but the EFI that I was using was a GETTO Clover made that MALDON and my self didn't know how lucky I was to have the success so he told that he couldn't help out w/ that EFI so I start doing so digging until finally w/ a truly OC 075 got it again going but sleep broke then it was until I finally got a USB kext place and working and sleep came back again just doing so final tweaks JUST to let it be.


This is the final video : https://youtu.be/rP6H_RSyTqg

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Thanks for the answer guy, but for right now I just going to let be I don't want to keep tinkering my system its working great thanks to you and this FORUM site at less I have a place where I can get good support, I don't consider my self a TEc knowledgeable person but if show me and guide me step by step I can get there, and that's what have found her.

Now findings, with the last DSDT that you send me that was w/out plugging the CPU stay around 1.7 and 1.8 but it seems more responsive environment on DESKTOP before w/ plugging on less snappy but almost just as good in performance than now, 

"I event went of the fence ", and by me saying this was that I went to the plist and change the CPU ID and place some performance patch there but no better results event that the computer boot but not create results Big Sur is recognizing the CPU well but some how its reading off the specs of the Xeon e5 2699v4 in which my is a Xeon e5 2696v4 in which has a TDP of 150 in comparison of the 145 that the 2699 has, also on the turbo boost all cores the 2696 can go a little bit higher do to its TDP set, but for me I will tinker with later. The One thing I will ask you is if the near future can you guide or show me for future reference when I need to update the boot loader and how. Thanks

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1 hour ago, Walldemar Serbia said:

Now findings, with the last DSDT that you send me that was w/out plugging the CPU stay around 1.7 and 1.8 but it seems more responsive environment on DESKTOP before w/ plugging on less snappy but almost just as good in performance than now


x99 need some extra kernel patches for power management

Opencore and Clover have AppleXcpmExtraMsrs quirk and seems work good but is not 100%

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Yes I do have that tick on my config.plist, and like I said I try the Nmano Patch w/ its CPUid and not gain at all in compare of the one you just send me last PLUGIN off, Plugging ON or better know Plug 1 better Power on the CPU but for me it dont matter cause Im running cooling system the CPU haven't got over 40 or 45 degree under the worst load that have got, so right know she is perfect, enjoying the setup then later after the next update give a try with my other hard drive to update to Monterey and see if it stick updating from the Appstore directly. In which I dont see any reason not to update, everything its working, iMessage, Airdrop, FaceTime haven't test it cause dont have a Camara and I dont use one but it should.

Oh I forgot I have a question for when an APPLE folder appear on your EFI on the root drive WHAT that means.I means that APPles have blackmail you or have put something on you or what it is? I f you aloud to comment here if dont its all good I should know, Thanks ones more

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Hey MALDON thanks for your answer, but I got new results and this is confirm and finals a least from what seen on my rig.

Your first DSDT in which I think it was w/ Plugging 1 Performance was go but not snappy w/ sleep.

Your Second DSDT w/ out Plugging = snappier and good performance the best and also found out after couple day w/ that setting and with in system preference under power settings nothing tick but the MONITOR time to let it sleep the computer NAP and Iddle down on its own and to get the best performance to wake you let the APPLICATion open for a while 2o3 minutes and the CPU it self start getting ready for performance and this its watch with the intel powergadge

Also another question that I have could I disable in BIOS some ports that I don't use write down the ones I disable and add them into the PLIST and tick the option on plist of usb port limit instead of leave the kext in EFI and leave the unsupported kext there along to see if OS it self recognize the ports ACTIVE in BIOS.

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Ok I didn't know That I mean w/ my copy of the system drive made with CCC I should give a TRY to Monterey AH. Oh well what that heck what I got to lose I already got a clean DSDT working beautiful if dont stick its time for me also to test Time Machine, if I don't CCC with it. But everything its working on this MACHINE man, I let you know if I get stuck in the CURVE some where along the way, Thanks.  "HERE WE GO, LETS CALL THE CALVARY KIDS".

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This are my findings after installing or better saying after updating directly from system preference like a regular Mac would.

On Monterey the computer use much less energy than in BigSur the fans on my computer I can nearly hear them, but ones more where thing works in this computer Airdrop , iMessage , FaceTime and I think TV cause where time I shut the computer the TV make a sound like it has disconnected haven't test it expectation from my side.

Hey MALDON I have a question do you think OpenCore eventually will also include the TPM option since my motherboard has a TPM module not firmware like the UEFI option, I have a physically module you probably seen in the IOregistry that I send you, so the boot or the vault can be more secure on this computer or if you have anymore info on this and guide to it. I have read so in Dortina but since I have seen many people setting this option on so, but it would nice.


But for anyone that want to have a REAL MAC regardless the way you have build your computer, and I said regardless cause look at my HARDWARE what APPLES have build w/ my hardware nothing and look at this setup, this guy is the ACPI Heater.


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