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[Help] My fresh OpenCore 0.7.5 EFI works fine on Big Sur, but Monterey neither boots the installer

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I've spent some time making a new EFI for my laptop, an Lenovo G40-80. It's working very well, nothing broken and almost all things are working as expected.

I've uploaded my EFI into GitHub, here: https://github.com/RBFraphael/OpenCore-Lenovo-G40-80/ (other users that have this same laptop can use it)

The problem is: This EFI works very well on Big Sur, but on Monterey I can't even boot the installer... Tried to rebuild this EFI with verbose and logs, but stills not working and I can't figure out why...

Is this possible? A fully updated, new and working Big Sur EFI not working on Monterey?

Can someone help me with this?

Thanks for all! :)

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I found out what was going on. This error was caused by the HS80211Family kext... I used those on Big Sur for my wifi card (an Qualcomm Atheros AR9565), but, searching on the internet, I've found some threads saying those kexts aren't compatible with Monterey yet. So, just removed them from my EFI and voila! Monterey booted very well and installed.

I've uploaded my EFI into GitHub... There's a "ḿain" branch for 11.X and a "monterey" branch for 12.X. If someone else have this laptop too, be welcome to use it (tip: Big Sur is working 100%, but Monterey is missing wifi) ! :) https://github.com/RBFraphael/OpenCore-Lenovo-G40-80/


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