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Hello people, this is the fist time I'm posting here. 
First of all thanks all for the continuous support and help provided. 

I'm having issues with the Big Sur mackintosh into my Acer Aspire A1 572. 

I'm actually able to use the system but I'm uncertain on how to do the configs to make Wifi, AuSend me MacBook-Pro-de-Tinfa.zipdio and bluetooth work. 

I'm using Core i7 4500U with Intel HD 4000. 
My audio adapter is Realtek ALC282. 
My wifi adapter is Qualcomm Atheros AR956x and the bluetooth it's kinda generic (at least AIDA 64 on win doesn't specified model).I'm also unable to change the brightness of the screen. 

Please assist, I knew how to do it back then with KextInstaller and Clover but I'm lost dealing with OC. 


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2 hours ago, MaLd0n said:

The best in change this card

use Broadcom cards with native support

Thanks Maldon, how about the audio? Last thing I remember it was a boot arg which specifies alcid=layout-id in my case it should be like 9 different numbers but none of them seems to enable the audio. Any ideas?

Thanks for your reply!

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