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[HELP] Asus P5KPL-AM EPU + ASUS EN210 Silence

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Hello guys,

I need your precious help cause i am going crazy... Let's begin with the specs:

1. Intel CPU Core 2 Duo E7500 @ 2.93 GHz

2. 2GB RAM

3. ASUS P5KPL-AM EPU graphics onboard G31 BIOS 5.01

4. ASUS EN210 Silence 1GB

So here is the problem. I installed mountain lion as described here (http://Olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=27&t=1627) from my usb with the onboard graphics cause i was searching for my EN210. Everything went smooth as butter. I finished installation fixed my DSDT from here(http://Olarila.com/forum/packs.php) fixed my sound installed chameleon and with GraphicsEnabler=Yes i was able to boot to mountain lion with everything working except QL/EC cause the graphics card is not really supported.

Here comes the boom as soos as i installs my asus en210 i get stuck at this (IMG_20130226_172208.thumb.jpg.0bf0b4b9ca126ad483159930ff5bb331.jpg) i tried to boot with everything possible solution

npci=0x2000, npci=0x3000, PCIRootUID=0, PCIRootUID=1

and every combination of the previous, nothing still stucked. I noticed that if i boot with

-v -x -f

i see that is stuck at [PCI Configuration Begins] and 1 time in 10 there is a possibility to boot in safe mode (How Is tha even Possible?!?!?!)...

There is also another strange thing when things done with the below exact timing...

1. I boot to mountain lion with my onboard, en210 disabled and boot flags "GraphicsEnabler=Yes" -> everything ok

2. Restart no shutdown

3. I boot to mountain lion with my onboard disabled, en210 enabled and boot flags "GraphicsEnabler=Yes npci=0x2000) -> everything ok

4. Restart no shutdown

5. same as step 2 -> everything ok

6. Shutdown

7. AGAIN STUCK as the attached picture shows!

Please someone with a solution or ideas help me i am going crazy and as this page (http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCL_10.8.2) ASUS EN210 Silence plays Out Of the Box only with boot flags "GraphicsEnabler=Yes PCIRootUID=1"

My regards,


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