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The finishing touches I hope (DSDT last job?)


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Hi all, Ive just put this on another forum, but soon realised I may get a quicker / better response here :)

Thanks for reading

Hi guys,

So Im finishing off a friends Dell Inspiron Q15R , 5110-3687, or trying at least.

I started following the guide here > http://www.insanelym... 5110__st__1240 , but after running into lots of issues, I decided to start from scratch knowing the hardware is all listed to fully work. (trying to install ML genuine purchased from store)

So here is where Im at, and where Im stuck, Ive installed a number of kexts, lots of trial and error, lots of booting into linux to fix things again lol.

OS starts, and the following appears to work properly:

Graphics, the odd glitch line now and then (maybe a patch for that?)

Sound works including volume buttons & mute button

keyboard / mouse functionality (voodoops2 makes things a bit crazy on touchpad, older versions work, but done fell smooth) im using AppleACPIPS2Nub.kext, and ApplePS2Controller.kext, this is fine as my friend likes the use of double tapping the pad for a mouse which seems to go when its used as a touch pad?

Dvd drive / playback works fine

battery monitor works

webcam appears to work, as does built in mic

What doesnt work

Sleep, if i tell the laptop to sleep, I have no way of waking it again.

USB 3.0, using the latest PXHCD, the 2x USB3.0 ports will work a mouse, work an external HDD, but not a midi controller, or external soundcard?

Brightness control

wireless (dell 1702, which from the guide should work)

Card slot (not worried about this to be fair)

Ok, so my main concerns are, in no particular order

Wifi (dell 1702)



not so worried

card slot


Ive tried various kexts, starting with the ones from the guide which should work with my hardware, this is where I come to DSDT.

For some reason, using the DSDT in the guide it manages to mess a few things up for me, i often get no display on boot up, there were other problems, I cant remember them all, so I removed it.

Everything else from the Extra folder in the guide is in place, all I have done is extract my own DSDT, fix any errors without patching (dsdteditor) and put that in EXTRA folder.

Im pretty sure I need to add some of my own patches now to the DSDT to avoid future problems and get these last few devices working.

Im just not sure what patches to apply?

maybe some from notebook sandy bridge?

speedstep, this is enabled in bios, but i dont know if its 3states etc?

EHCI sleep?

I think you get my point lol.

Im hoping just an edit of this DSDT will fix the last few remaining issues, or get me a bit closer to being complete, theres probably common patches etc that somebody could advise me on.

I'm happy to have a go at editing the file myself, I like to learn these things, and dont expect somebody to do it all for me, just a little guidance (or a lot in this case lol)

Any assistance massively appreciated!!


ps, Im not using the same version of chameleon as the guide, not sure if it should matter or not, I assuem once the OS has started the bootloader has done its job?

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Thanks, I was looking at that thread earlier today.

My concern is know what patches i should and should not apply?

Will I break things by applying the wrong patch?

I have got the wifi working now (i dont know how, it just started to work properly, it uses a etheros patched kext i think)

So I guess I have to add a patch at a time, keep restarting after replacing the DSDT in EXTRA folder, and seeing if it breaks anything after each try?

Seems a bit too much guess work that way lol

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