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hi ho - running 10.8.2 and getting weird behaviour with USB port (2 x USB2.0 + 2 x USB3.0). It seems that devices are connecting to the wrong bus despite of the port they are being used.

I ran a quick test but not sure on how or what to look at move forward. THis is the test I ran:

Here the situation with nothing plugged in:


Now if I plugin dongle (shown as USB Receiver) in to USB2.0*RB (Right Back) :


Now if I plugin dongle in to USB2.0*RF (Right Front) I see:


Now if I plug in dongle to USB3.0*LB (Left Back) I see:


Finally if I plug in dongle to USB3.0*LF (Left Front) I see:


As can be seen for 3/4 ports regardless of which port I plug the dongle in to it will show up on the USB 3.0 High-Speed Bus even if I plugin it in to a USB2.0 port.

Where do I start getting this unravelled and fixed ? Thanks !

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