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{ GUIDE }ASUS M2N68 AM SE 2 (Retail SL)

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Hello everyone...................!


1:-Retail copy of Snow Leopard

2:- ModCD (having legacy kernel )


Make sure to have this settings on your BIOS:

Plug and Play OS: Yes.

USB Legacy: Yes.

USBSpeed : FullSpeed. (Just for installation)

Power Management -

Suspend Mode: S1 (POS) or S3

ACPI 2.0 Support: Enabled

ACPI APIC Support: Enabled


Install os x while customize do this

Disable EVERYTHING first !

Even the bootloader,

Leave just these options marked: ElliotLegacyRTC, EvOreboot, FakeSMC, NullCPUPowerManagement, NForceLan,NForceAta

After installation insert the mod cd and boot os x drive once you done install latest chameleon boot loader

After done update this

Install the combo update 10.6.8 don't restart install Legacy Kernel Update and copy kext to S/L/E and rebuilt cache using kext utility and done.....!

This the extra folder for ASUS M2N68 AM SE 2

working :-

1 sound (slightly cracking but working fine )


3 usb

4 Nvidia 94000GT 1GB


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