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Fix for RX550 4GB and audio, adding Windows boot entry in the opencore boot picker and splitted view

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Hi MaLd0n,

Today, I successfully installed macOS Big Sur on my second HDD of my desktop build. Thank you a lot for your help and for the pre-made OC folder. It works without any problem. I suppose you expected that my RX550 4GB would't work properly from the first try and I am getting 7MB VRAM in About this Mac section and also the dock is not transparent. I kmow this is a common issue and I would like to ask you how we can fix it. Also a Windows boot option is missing from the OC picker. I suppose there won't be any problem with injection ACPI into WINDOWS because they are dual booted on separated drivers. Can you tell me how we can add it. And also can I ask you how I am able to fix the audio because it is not working too? And I am not able to see the entire macOS. I mean that it is splitted, I cannot see the status bar. Thank you a lot again for your help! I wouldn't succeed in hackintoshing if you didn't help me!

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