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DSDT Patch for Asus Maximus IV Gene-z/Gen3


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So with the hint that 10.8.3 might support 7xxx graphics cards I decided to go back to hackintosh.

But... but last time (with 5870) I had issues making Mountain Lion with properly (went back to widows, video card gone, got 7970).

So about DSDT and BIOS. I have updated to modified 3501 bios. With windows installed and running I extracted DSDT. If I compile it without edits I get following errors and warnings.


Clicked fix errors and I am left with this




and changed it to valid hex value



But now I have to apply a patch, don't I? Where can I get it or what needs to be patched exactly? How user friendly is it considering that I am hobbyist programmer (php, python, java, C#, some C/C++)?

Also I tried patching with P8 generic (bios 3xxx) patch then with alc889 and everything works good with two warnings. Last time I followed this and ended up with speedstep not working (after sleep&awake it would work fine).


DSL File: http://www.mediafire.com/?27otc0euf1ex157

Offtopic: Haha this is post #20000

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