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problem when installing high Sierra on p5q se

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Good evening, asking, so this is the chronology I have successfully installed High Sierra and I have already copied and pasted the EFI folder from the USB installer, after that I overwritten it again using a special EFI LGA 775 from Olarila, after that I was able to restart without the USB installer and LAN, HDMI, audio all running normally, then I want to upgrade to Catalina using the patcher from dosdude and using the Catalina file downloaded from olarila to make it bootable, after the patcher process is complete then restart. in clover, I chose to go into the bootable patcher that was made, after that the problem appeared "bootloop" continuously (after a lot of writing appeared and then restarted) and entered the normal high Sierra partition also couldn't bootloop either, finally I formatted the SSD and I made a USB high Sierra installer again (back to 0) then I try to remove it as drawn *Sorry for the messy typing


spacer.pngHere are the specs

Asus P5Q p45 . Mobo

Processor c2d e8500

GPU GT 710 DDR3 Kepler

Ram 2x 2gb DDR2

Wireless LAN (not used)

ALC1200 . audio codec

Ethernet atheros L1e

Clover r5139 bootloader

OS version 10.14


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